10: Artistry, and the masters of opportunity.

The likes of Barry John, Phil Bennett and Tony Ward, impish 10s dowsed in devilry, were considered obsolete as Jonny Wilkinson, all structure and sinew, pocketed the keys to No10. The romantic age was over, faded into black and white. There was no space to drift into and fly-halves became the executors of someone else's will.

Barrett and George Ford are hardly throwbacks to John and Bennett, but neither are they Jonny-come-latelys. They are, in the grand traditions of fly-halves, the masters of opportunity.

Paul Rees (no immediate relation)

Bitch Media.

Zeisler is a co-founder of Bitch Media, a non-profit organisation based in Portland, Oregon, started as the “feminist response to pop culture” 20 years ago.

This from the FT. I just like the way Americans play with English. Bitch Media. The book referred to sounds interesting.

On losing faith in our future.

“We are not afraid of the future because of the bomb, we are afraid of the bomb because we have lost faith in the future. We no longer have faith in our ability, as individuals or nations, to control our own future.”

Jacob Bronowski (although I can't find the original source).

Substitute 'bomb' with your choice of noun.